ABA's founder, Lamar Blount, CPA, FHFMA, is the co-author of the American Medical Association's best selling book, Mastering the Reimbursement Process, and has provided strategic financial advice to over 500 hospitals, physician practices and other organizations nationwide since 1974.  Since 2001, he has focused on employee benefits and tax-advantaged programs for a variety of organizations, business owners and individuals.
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American Benefit Advisors
          Innovative HR & Benefit Solutions
ABA has special programs designed for MDs and Medical Practices
Focused 1st on serving our Clients' needs
Business, Insurance & Healthcare experienced for over 30 years
Relationship oriented, working with your CPA, Attorney & Financial Advisor
Problem solvers, using a team approach
Independent of any insurance carrier
Highly respected within the industry
Designing Employee Benefit Plans
Life, Health, Dental & Disability Insurance
Asset Protection Plans
Retirement Plans
Business Succession Planning
ERISA & COBRA Compliance
Maximizing Benefits & Minimizing Taxes
ABA's founder has served Hospitals, Physicians & Others since 1974.
ABA professionals are...
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ABA provides advanced support and tools to help CPAs, Attorneys and Other Advisors better serve their high net worth clients
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