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Individual and Family Dental Plans

ABA offers you a choice of plans designed to fit almost any budget, including:
Great tips to help you in health claim appeals
Dental Insurance - which is fully insured, wth choices of DMO and PPO plans that can be used at any Dentist, anywhere.  Some plans start at less than $30 monthly, depending on your zip code.
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Discount Plans - generally lower cost, but limited to the specific Dental network that you select from over 20 choices.  As low as $79.95 annually, depending on your zip code. .
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Click here for ONLINE Health Plan Quotes
We recommned that you check both options - Insurance & Discount plans - to see which best meets your personal needs and financial budget.  Either way, with ABA you can apply online at anytime. 

No agent will call you, but you can always call us to discuss your needs and questions. 
General Disclaimers
1. Applicants should not cancel any in-force health coverage until written formal approval from the insurance company selected is received.
2. The quotes shown are estimates only, and are subject to change based on the proposed insured's medical history, the underwriting practices of the health plan, the selection of the appropriate Provider Network, the optional benefits selected, occupation (where allowed by state), if any, and other relevant factors. The insurance company reserves the right to change the terms of a policy upon proper notification.
3. The quotes shown are for the requested effective date ONLY. If the actual effective date of coverage is different from the requested effective date, the actual cost may differ from the quote above due to rate increases or policy changes from the insurance company and/or one or more family members having a birthday as rates are highly dependent on age. The carrier selected may not guarantee its rates for any period of time.
4. This is not a complete solicitation of health insurance coverage. Please refer to sales brochure and applicable inserts for further information. Sales brochures and applicable inserts may be downloaded or can be obtained by calling us or the carrier.
5. The benefits shown in the details summary are not guaranteed. Please refer to the sales brochure and applicable inserts for further information.
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Did You Know...
Bad breath can be an indication of Periodiontal or Gingival Disease, Xerostomia or systemic diseases like Diabetes or Gastrointestinal Disorders?

See your Dentist twice a year to maintain good teeth and good health !
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